Magna Plaza in Amsterdam purchased
Ringstate B.V. jointly with DPM Real Estate from Naarden and with notarial and legal support from CMS Derks Star Busmann in Amsterdam, has purchased the magnificent Magna Plaza shopping center in Amsterdam from a consortium of AIB and Breevast for a consortium of foreign investors for an amount of 63 million.

The shopping center consists of 38 different tenants and has a combined retail area of 5,580 m2 located in a basement, ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor and 1,420 m2 of office space on the top floor.

The rent and rental value is currently approximately 3.2 million per year.

The toilet houses tenants like Sissy boy/Men at work, Swarovski, Armani, Van Dalen, America Today, Marlborro, and Lacoste.